• Each body type comes with four pages full of tips, tricks and illustrations… His explanations are easy to understand. And he doles out the hard truths… He also has a body-image perspective that few, if any, designers have gained from personal experience.
    — St. Petersburg Times
  • Bayou is determined to make any woman look fabulous.
    — San Jose Mercury News
  • Imagine being lucky enough to have someone such as Bradley Bayou standing next to you in a clothing store dressing room, sharing his secrets for dressing to look your very best. Well, open his book, and you'll get a taste of the star treatment.
    — Abigal Van Buren (Dear Abbey
  • Rating 4.5 hangers (out of 5)!
    — Chicago Tribune
  • [With this] helpful new book… a formula any woman can follow… It's almost as good as having your own personal Bradley.
    — InStyle
  • The good news: Any girl with a measuring tape and friend will find her body type in this book.
    — NY Daily News
  • Good advice… Bayou clearly has worked with a range of figures… The best aspect of the book is Bayou's acceptance that most women are not 6-foot, 114-pound Siberian teens with breast implants…
    — USA Today
  • Bayou… celebrates the beauty of all women in his book 'The Science of Sexy.'
    — People Magazine
  • It's the most useful fashion-advice book for non-supermodels to come along in quite a while.
    — Star Tribune
  • [The book] introduces a 'style system' for average body types.
    — Columbus Dispatch


With this book, any woman can follow its formulas. It's like having your own stylist!

Bradley Bayou, celebrity fashion designer, gives every woman the red-carpet treatment in this foolproof guide to choosing clothes that make you look fabulous. Tailor-made tips for forty-eight body types and easy to follow explanations of the elements of style.

In The Science of Sexy, Bradley helps readers identify their silhouette shape (triangle, inverted triangle, rectangle, or hourglass) and combines that information with a height/weight chart to determine which of forty-eight “fitting rooms” readers should go to in the book. Each fitting room has specific advice for what clothes and accessories to wear, what to avoid, and how to create the perfect outfit.

With a fabulous design and instructive illustrations throughout, The Science of Sexy takes the fear out of shopping and helps women gain control of their closet.

    This book includes a “Red Carpet Questionnaire” to help you pick the perfect outfit, easy-to-remember tips and tricks, guides to every body shape and more!

    Style rules that apply to every women on every occasion with helpful illustrations, checklists and diagrams.


    In order to give the best, most personalized advice, the “Fitting Rooms” cross-reference your measurements, body shape and height-and-weight index.

    Translated into 12 different languages and featured in magazines like InStyle and USA Today.